Friday, February 1, 2013

New Year, New Plans and a Special Feature. Yay!

Hey all!
Can you believe that another year has come and gone? Wow!

And with a new year there always comes new ideas, new plans, new resolutions.  We, Chicks, aren't any different in this regard.  Individually we are all working on our own goals and collectively this is the time of year when we really start looking ahead to our summer, in anticipation of what this year's Chicks Along the Canal event will hold.  You've all heard me say it before but I swear I mean it every time, when I say: "Man, this year was even better than last!"  And so it's a given that I think THIS year will be even better than last!

We are so looking forward to putting some new plans into action come this August.   We are so thrilled at the prospect of meeting the new chicks who will be joining our ranks but we also can hardly wait to see the familiar faces of those chicks who have joined us in our past events.  In honor of the latter and in an effort to get all of us psyched up for this year, we will be counting down the months here on our blog via a special series of posts.  A series dedicated to the talented artists and entrepreneurs who make Chicks Along the Canal, the fun, festive, free-spirited celebration that it is!

This month we will be featuring Brit Rose of RosMari Brand upcycled clothing and accessories.  We, original Chicks, are quite familiar with the sweet ray of sunshine that she is, as she's become a bit of a staple at our event; heehee. 

But for those not yet familiar . . .

Our little interview went something like this:

Well Brit.  How exciting to have you as our first featured guest on the new blog!  It was a given that you'd be one of the first seeing as you have been such a part of Chicks in the past (both as a vendor two years in a row and participant in our Reclaimed Fashion show in 2011) and have been such an avid supporter of what it is we are trying to do.  Thank you for that!

We, of course, know you as one of our local artists.
But tell me: have you always lived in central New York?
- I have lived here most of my life. I grew up in a beautiful log cabin that my parents built and still live in. I have done some traveling and have lived elsewhere including, North Carolina (2 different parts Fayetteville and Asheville) and Lakeshore, Mississppi for a few months after Hurricane Katrina. (I did some volunteer work there, which was an AMAZING experience.) I also rescued my dog, Mama from there. (I'm always thinking of her so I had to throw that in haha)

It is so obvious to see that you have such fun with your work.  It's obviously something you have great passion for.  When did your passion for fashion design start?
- I have been interested in the art of fashion since I was young, I'd say about 10 years old. I would cut up my old clothing and make it look different. I would also watch, intrigued, as my mom used patterns to make my sister and I summer dresses. I always wanted to go to school for fashion design but haven't made it there, which is OK with me.

Is it something that has always been a part of you?
- I believe so, yes.
I notice you use painting techniques in some of your designs. Are there other areas of artistry that appeal to you?
- Yes the painting technique is a newer endeavor which I really enjoy. I love screen printing but would rather paint one of a kind designs by hand to make my products extra special and unique.
What are some of the things you have had to learn along the way and/or have there been any major obstacles you've had to overcome to pursue your passions into becoming a career?
- My own personal confidence in my work has been a little bit of an obstacle. As in most forms of art, we are our own worst critic so I am always pushing myself forward in order to make my products the best they can be. Money or lack of, is sometimes also and obstacle but to quote Tim Gunn I have to "make it work!"

Are there certain people in your life who have inspired you? Those who are your biggest supporters?
- I am so so blessed to have extremely supportive parents. My mother and father both have taught my siblings and I to do what we love and work hard at it. My mom is really great at keeping me optimistic when things don't always go the way I hoped they would.
Where does the name RosMari come from? Is there a special meaning behind it?
- I have to smile at this one because I am happy to remember my wonderful Grandmother, Rose Marie Rose. She passed in 2006 but I wanted her amazing name to live on. I think it is just as beautiful as her and I love constantly remembering her whenever I hear RosMari Brand.
What is your greatest accomplishment, something you are really proud of?
- This one is tough for me because I am always wanting to move forward and do better. To date, I would have to say that I am most excited to have my products in a couple stores. It was kind of scary for me to willingly put myself out there but it's been very exciting!

It seems you've been quite the busy bee, flitting around many events this past year. Can you tell us more about that? Are there any local places where we can find your creations? (wink wink)
- I love doing shows because I get to directly meet the folks that are going to wear my goods. I also love hearing feedback and compliments heehee. I especially love The Indie Garage Sale in or around Utica and Mayday! Underground Arts + Crafts in Rochester.
Some of my products can be found in Faces of Astarte in Little Falls. It's a wonderful and beautiful eco-friendly salon with a gorgeous and supportive owner! Go there!!!! I also have some items in Ithaca, NY at a shop called The Art and Found. It is a lovely eco-friendly clothing store in the heart of the commons.

Are there any other projects you are involved with that you'd like to share with us?
- Currently I also do a little modeling for Nadine Swiger. She makes really cool jewelry and accessories for her brand, The Sugartooth Dragon. I have a lot of fun modeling and I get very inspired when working with her. Nadine also does a lot of the model photography for my products! I actually met her at the Chicks show in 2012! Haha!

And most importantly: will you be joining us this year?
- I would never miss a Chicks show!!!! I love you ladies!!!
Thank you so much for choosing me for this interview! I look forward to the next Chicks Along the Canal!

Thank YOU Brit! 

You can check out Brit's facebook page HERE and her Etsy Shop HERE.

~And be sure to check back with us Chicks next month for a chat with March's featured guest~


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our 3rd year! What a marvelous time we had!

And here are some of the highlights:

THIS totally sums up the weekend for me!
Sassy and Persnickety hamming it up at one of the photo opp corners. 

BUT there's more . . . 
Check out our fantastic brand new banner!  Isn't it boooo-ti-ful?!

Christina, with her "Signs of Obsession" debuted a new obsession, henna body art!

I had to be one of the first in line, of course.

The Mustard Seed was back with the same "Old Fangled Mercantile".

And a snazzy new pair of bright red boots!
Purveyor of the Mustard Seed and our Chief Chick, aka Juli Webster
(pictured here with her sister Jenny Vittiglio and mom, Gail Rochette.

Newlywed Chick, Jenny Vittiglio (formerly our very own Jenny Hammond) set up a booth to share the adorable (and mostly sparkly) spoils of her wedding reception with us all.

The Persnickety Chick brought along a trunk of all sorts of new goodies this year.  

And NEW ON THE SCENE check out her Altered Ancestors.  What a hoot!

Brit Rose of Rosmari Brand has been really making a name for herself.  This Chick is really becoming well-known and yet she is one of the sweetest, most humble of gals. And how honored we are that she loves our show, hasn't missed one yet!

Wendy Costa was back with the most fabulous booth ever!! Check it out . . .

Special thanks for the use of her adorable little car we used in the design of this year's parking permit!~

The ever lovely Shauna and her clan of Under the Green Umbrella and her adorable upcycled creations . . .

Laurie Anne of DRDDesigns.  She swears it's one of her favorite shows to do because "the people of Little Falls just love my stuff!"

Wouldn't be a proper Chicks event without some cupcakes!

Candies and Cupcakes from Rome, New York was back.

And a new gal on the frontline:

Jenny of JCookies! Yum! Yum! Yum!

She made these adorable little guys especially for our show.  Patterned after our logo design.  So awesome!

(This Chick was especially enthusiastic about the Gluten-Free vegan cookies)

And for those who don't have sweet tooth (is that even possible?! haha)
The ever famous Marcy of the Hot Dawg Cart

New Chicks who joined us this year included:
Allison and Rob of Indie Garage Sale fame made sure we stayed clean with their quirky-lovely line of novelty vegan soaps.

Robyn Filkins, hula hooper extraordinaire who just also happens to be quite crafty with shells and beads. And who happens to have a pretty neat little back story.

Sugartooth Dragon

Anne of Archive Gifts.  Tie-Dye totally done right!

Local talents:

Little Falls artist, Mary Jo Carrig . . .

Lizzie Curtis of the Pink Skink, does it all!  Painted rocks, shells, canvases, recycled art and her newest venture:  Custom made wool roving dreads.  Check out her colorful ones she's wearing or scroll up to see the ones she created for the Persnickety Chick.

Kim of local establishment Fall Hill Bead and Gem.

Husband and Wife team of Michaela and Jay of M&J Accessories Boutique (jewelry and handmade soy candles)

Betty Ann of Silver Mist Connections

"All-Natural" played an important role in this year's event

Our very own Cosmic Chick celebrated the grand opening of her new location across the bridge in Canal Place.

Both of these photos taken by the talented Erin Covery.
For more shots of this beautiful space, check out Erin's fantastic blog (  )
and while you're at it, give her a "like" on facebook, too.

As always, Christine of Faces of Astarte maintains her devotion to supplying all natural organic beauty products and beauty services (facials, haircuts, all-natural hair coloring, and both henna hair treatments and body art).

On the "natural front" we were also privileged to have join us this year:

This adorable duo from Flora and Fauna

Rose of Pure Natural mineral makeup and soaps was able to join in on the fun Sunday

but was so enthusiastic to be there and we were so glad to have them.  Thanks for the shout-out!

We were also privileged to have join us, some younger Chicks and Peeps:

Alivia Rose of the Vintage Rainbow was back with her photographs but also her new line of upcycled fashion accessories.  

Lauren Bennett's  duct tape wallets

Trystan Tabangay, sketch artist, sculptor AND wizard wand maker!

We also hear that he has been hard at work designing a new jewelry line and we got a sneak peek! heehee

And that he is also a talented stop-animation film maker with his own channel on YouTube.  HERE

And lastly:

On the music front, we had some really great entertainment this year!
THANKS to Common Thread and the Rusty Doves~

AND we are so grateful for all of the Chicks who were able to be part of the fun this year!  Hope to see you all next year.

~Amber on behalf of us all 
(Juli, Christine, Christina, Kelly and Joanne)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This year marks our 3rd year!!! Hooray!

In celebration of the fun to be had yet again this year and in view of how immensely we've grown, we have decided it would be fun to keep in touch with all of you, our fans and fellow Chickies, via a blog of our very own.  And with this post it is official!

For those of you not acquainted with us quite yet, I will start with an a little background information and in the coming weeks, there will be posts by each of us relating our stories and how we came to proudly call ourselves THE original Chicks.

This annual event is the original brainchild of our Boss Chick, Ms. Juli Webster of Mustard Seed fame, but ultimately hatched by a total of five cheeky women longing for a cheery place to show their wares. 
Chicks Along the Canal is growing into a wonderful glorified flea market setting for local women  entrepreneurs to set up for the weekend and show their passions. 

As part of Little Falls Canal Celebration, the Chicks show is just one of many exciting events happening in the city of Little Falls during the second week of August. Inspired by so many other wonderful chicks and shows, Canal Place, Little Falls, New York provides the perfect outdoor setting for a weekend of fun.  

Vendors include independent consultants, artisans and shopkeepers featuring  antiques and collectibles, shabby chic d├ęcor, jewelry, re-purposed fashions, handmade treasures, cupcakes and goodies, wonderful junk, and oh, so much more!! Live music in the park throughout both days adds to the festivities and demonstrations in the past have included CNY Roller Derby gals, The Merry Hoopsters and a re-purposed fashion show by local artists. Sunday’s show features “Chicks and Peeps” with a few added honorary “chicks” as vendors and more fun.

We promise that this year will be no exception! So throw on your party hats and come on down and join us for all the fun! 

Highlights from Last Year